Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's been a while (Antwerp)

I know it has been quite a while since I've been blogging, and I'm sorry. It has been very busy for me at college and the pressure is only going up at the moment. However, I do have holidays this week (that I will spend partly studying) so that means a bit more time for me.

Last sunday I went to Antwerp with a couple of friends that I have known for quite some years now, but most of them I hadn't seen for over a year so it was great catching up again. We did some sightseeing in Antwerp and made quite some photos together (with the awesome SLR cameras from the others). We had dinner there in the evening as well, which we rounded off a little late, causing me not being able to catch the train home anymore (oops!) so I stayed over at one of the girls and went home the day after.

We had a lot of fun, though I had really trouble with the trains. I have never had so much delay with trains in two days time. Almost 2 hours on my way to Antwerp and another 2 hours on my way back again the next day (as the train couldn't stop at the station I had to get out due to an accident). Really it wasn't my day for travelling, but it was worth it!

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