Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New Blog Look: Winter is coming!

(made in 2010)

It's a Winter Wonderland! Alright, snow hasn't fallen yet and it is not even that freezing cold outside, but it feels like winter is coming (hopefully), so therefore it felt right to do the layout make-over for the blog in winter style.

I know I have been highly absent lately at my blog, but that was mostly because I either couldn't find the time or didn't really feel like blogging due to the amount of school work and preperations for my exams. I've hardly read any books or did anything really interesting, so that's why.

By now I promise the blog to be more active again. Let me know what you think of the look and if there is anything in particular you find interesting for me to blog about (movies, tv series, books, writing, fashion, cities etc.) let me know!


  1. Ohh loving this new layout! If winter is coming then I want it to be with snow and all of it! :P Like this layout :P

    Can't wait to see more blogs again, I'm gonna revamp mine soon too and hopefully start blogging again xD

  2. I really like it. :) Especially the spaces between the blogposts.