Sunday, 16 June 2013

Insurgence Germany

Click to enlarge // Photo credit: Annelie
For those who are quite done with me rambling about The Vampire Diaries, this is your time to run away ;) Like I mentioned before, last weekend I have spend the weekend in Germany with my two friend Yasmine and Annelie to visit 'Insurgence Germany' a Vampire Diaries conventions. As you can see above the guests were (from left to right) Sebastian Roché (aka Mikael Mikaelson), Nathaniel Buzolic (aka Kol Mikaelson), Matt Davis (aka Alaric Saltzman), Candice Accola (aka Caroline Forbes), Michael Trevino (aka Tyler Lockwood) and Kat Graham (aka Bonnie Bennet).

One way or the other I'm going to try and not write everything down here what I've written in my little notebook, because then I'm probably still writing by the time it's midnight. Anyway if anyone still has any questions or anything afterwards, sound off in the comments and I would love to tell you more. Also if you want to do me a favour and would love to see such a convention again in Germany, do please like like this page to show the organisation we are definately game for another one!

I was fairly busy beforehand, so when it was finally friday it hit me that I was leaving for Germany that day. I had a class in the morning and would catch the bus to Aachen straight after. Several busses, trains and 8 hours later I arrived in Bad Wildungen where the convention was held. Besides eating and catching up with Yasmine and Annelie, I didn't do much. There was a party that evening, but we were scattered from travelling and decided to call it a day early on.

Saturday morning is where the fun really started. We were at the hotel a little after 7. This was because I couldn't make registration on friday so I had to queue in the morning to get my registration done in time and to buy the photo opps that I still wanted. That all arranged, the weekend really started. We started off with the panel of Sebastian Roché (aka Papa Originale, that's what he liked to call himself). He was quite of a dancer, or that is what he tried to convince us of, dancing on "Single Ladies". No really, the guy is amazing and hilarious. I think he could have done a full one-man show and no-one would have been bored at all! After his panel we immediately had our photo taken with him, which turned out quite hilarious after asking for a photo "pulling weird faces".

When we returned in the main hall after the photoshoot, Michael Trevino was doing his panel. I asked him the question who, as Tyler Lockwood, he would "kiss, marry, kill" out of Elena, Caroline and Bonnie. After a long thought he settled for kiss Bonnie, marry Caroline and kill Elena.

After Michael's panel it was time to get our photo taken with Matt Davis. He's such a sweet guy and I absolutely adore my "hug photo" I've go taken with him (oh and damn, he's really tall too!). We managed to catch a small part of Nate's panel after this, where I asked him how he enjoyed Amsterdam last year. He said he really enjoyed it and that he had a great experience when he jumped on a boat with a friend and only halfway through found out that the boat was near to sinking and the Polish owner had probably been smoking something too strong, hihi. 

We had our Candice & Nate photos taken after this. Candice is such a sweet girl, but rather shy too I would say. Nonetheless I love the picture I've got with her. Nate is just up for anything I would say when it comes to taking photos, it was really awesome to watch. In the end my friend and I settled for a photo where it looks like we are fighting over who gets the guy. Nate's expression is priceless.

Next up (after lunch) were our photos with Michael and with Kat. Both very lovely people. Kat can even be said to be a little crazy, hehe. Nearly last for that day was a small group panel with all the guests on stage. Best panel of the weekend I would say. The highlights were definately when Michael immitated how Joseph Morgan walks and when Sebastian compared the long blond locks of Joseph (in a flashback episode) to Candice's hair. 

The last of the day were the autograph sessions. On saturday we just got our Matt & Michael autographs, because they were only there on saturday. The rest of the autographs we collected on sunday. This evening we did attend the party for a bit, but unfortunately it wasn't all too crowded so we left again after an hour being there. Also, because we had in mind to get out early on sunday morning.

How early we got up on sunday morning? The alarm sounded at 5:30 AM and we were at the hotel a little after 6:00. This only to get the coffee lounges we were hoping for so much, a CL with Nate and one with Candice and we secured both so you can imagine we were really, really happy.
The coffee lounge with Candice was also the first activity we had that day. She's such a sweetheart. She spend the first part first asking us about where we were from and how we all met and all. She loved to hear how some of us had gotten to know each other online or only saw each other with conventions like this. She also talked a little about her engagement and how she had started on looking for venues for her wedding. It was very lovely and almost felt like friends talking amongst each other.

Nate's coffee lounge was up next and that was a totally different deal, haha. First of all it was more busy and Nate is more outgoing as well. He told amazing stories about things that happened on set (how he nearly hit Ian with a broken baseball bat and how he smashed an actual beer bottle instead of a prop), stories of how he grew up and chased his dreams (I came close to tears a couple of times here, really), about his tattoos and much more. The highlight probably for me was after I had told him how emotional I had gotten when his character got killed of on the show and he asked me why that was the case. When I told him it was because of the family bond that is so strong throughout the Original family, he told how important family is to him and how those bonds, just like with friends, should be the strongest in life (another moment of welling eyes). Besides that, it was also adorable to see how flabergasted he was when everyone told him how much they spend on these kind of conventions. I really don't think he had expected those answers. In order to make up, he hugged us all at the end of the coffee lounge. Since he got back to that a couple of times during his next panel, I have the feeling it almost bothered him that we spend so much. 

After Nate's coffee lounge it was time for his panel. A part of it was about End It Movement, which I'll do a blog about soon, so stay tuned for that. As awesome and emotional as his coffee lounge was, the same goes for his panel. He added on more beautiful stories as well as very funny ones. I asked him the same marry, kiss, kill question I asked Michael and he answered with kiss Caroline, marry Bonnie and kill Elena. (I see a trend here with the kill Elena thing). I could seriously ramble on about this panel for many more lines, but I'll cut it off here for now. If anyone wants to hear more, let me know haha. 

The panel of Kat & Candice was up next. The girls were so lovely together. Annelie asked there what their favourite song was to dance on. Candice said it was "All for you" by Janet Jackson and Kat answered the crazier the better. It was just a very relaxed and lovely panel with the girls sharing stories. Highlight was probably when Kat asked what we would change about the convention and her epic reactions to the suggestions of "Klaroline" and "Klefan". After their panel we received the autograph of Kat.

Sebastian's panel was the last panel of the day, which was just as hilarious and funny as the one on saturday. He had received this hand knitted doll which he had nicknamed "Smallbastian" and half of the panel he pretended as if the doll was him and that the doll had to answer the questions. There is no way to not love this guy (and to totally crack up). Nate also crashed his panel at the end with a few questions, which was awesome as well. 

The last before the 8 hour journey home would start again, was the autograph session, where we received our autographs from Nate, Sebastian and Candice. Nate signed my photo with 'ello Poppet, because we gave him a tiny Captain Sparrow because he loves Jack Sparrow so much. After this it was time for us to head back to our hotel (by cab, because it was raining like hell), grab our luggage and go back home. All with all it was a fabulous weekend!


  1. Sounds like your had an amazing time! I hope to attend a TVD sometime.

  2. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    So cool!

    Have a fantastic day,

  3. Whiee I had such an amazing time <3

  4. Oops I finally read this post :x sorry! It sounds like you guys had an amazing time!! I'm planning on going to Insurgence Germany perhaps next year and I'm very excited already! :D