Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas: The Dinner Edition

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, whether you spend it with friends, family, or by just watching (very lazy hihi) nice movies and stuff. One of the things I always do every year, mostly on First Christmas Day (Yeah here in The Netherlands we actually have 2 days, kinda like Boxing Day), is preparing dinner together with my dad.

This year we settled for a three course dinner. The starter was a platter with different kinds of antipasti, namely bruchetta, grilled asparagus, tomato/mozarella/basil sticks, pineapple, different kinds of meat, and olives.
As a main course we had a fillet of beef with Stroganoff sauce, Brussels sprouts, haricots verts and Pomme duchesses.
For dessert we made Creme Brulee, delicious!

I'll do a blog on fashion related to my Christmas as wel ;) As for now, any of you who prepared dinner themselves, went out for dinner or anything else worth sharing? Let me know in the comments!