Monday, 18 March 2013

Let me introduce you: Playlist Fiction

Playlist Fiction is a new line of riveting, relevant young adult fiction by authors Laura Anderson Kurk, Stephanie Morrill, Jennifer Murgia, Rajdeep Paulus and Laura L. Smith. Playlist Fiction is backed by MacGregor Literary, Inc.
We're a collection of Contemporary Young Adult ebook titles that are full of life, laughter, tears and all that falls in between.
Are you ready to Download the Drama? We launch April 1st!

That says it all doesn't it? Playlist Ficion is a new line of books, which start to launch April the 1st. And guess what? I've been part (and well of course still am) of their awesome Street Team. This means I'm going to introduce you guys to all of the awesome authors & their books that are involved in the playlist. 
As mentioned above, the authors that are involved are Laura Anderson Kurk, Stephanie Morrill, Jennifer Murgia, Rajdeep Paulus and Laura L. Smith. Over the coming weeks I'll do seperate posts on each of the authors and the books they are going to release with in the Playlist Fiction. Excited already? Good!

There is a couple of places where you can keep up to date exactly with all that is going on around the books & authors (besides my own blog of course ;) ). First of all the official site of the playlist as well as the Twitter page, Facebook page and the Goodreads group. Make sure to follow the fun!

Then there is of course all the awesomeness of the authors themselves!
Laura Anderson Kurk - Official site // Facebook // Twitter
Stephanie Morrill - Official site // Facebook // Twitter
Jennifer Murgia - Official site // Facebook // Twitter
Rajdeep Paulus - Official site // Facebook // Twitter
Laura L. Smith - Official site // Facebook // Twitter

Of course there are more people that back up the Playlist by participating in the street team. Below you will find their awesome blogs, that of course also promote the books & their authors.


  1. This is awesome! I'm going to follow! :D

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  3. Arlette, so grateful you're part of the exciting energy of the street team. Thank you for this wonderful post!

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