Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Playlist Fiction: This or That with the authors

After introducing Playlist Fiction to you last week, I've got another post today concerning the awesome authors that are publishing under the label. I was really excited to this post and I'm glad they all agreed to participate, namely in a 'This or That' post. Keep reading on and find out what Laura, Stephanie, Jennifer Rajdeep and Laura prefer. 

1. Writing books or Reading books?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Wow. That’s impossible hard to answer. Um . . . writing, I guess. But I write books that I want to read.
Stephanie Morrill: Oh my goodness, this is so hard! I’m gonna have to say writing. As much as I adore reading, when my time gets squeezed, it’s writing that I miss the most.
Jennifer Murgia: Reading books. Sometimes I need an escape from the stories in my head.
Rajdeep Paulus: BOTH! OF course!
Laura L. Smith: Really? Give us the hardest question first? I am who I am because of the books that I've read. I come alive when I write--it defines me. I cannot choose.

2. Books or Music?
Laura Anderson Kurk: I couldn’t live without either. But if I HAD to choose, it would be books.
Stephanie Morrill: Okay, so far this is just torture! After much inner turmoil, I’m going to say books.
Jennifer Murgia: Books.
Rajdeep Paulus: Both again. Especially together!
Laura L. Smith: Another hard one. Gheesh! Give a girl a break. Alright, music also defines me, sets my mood, enhances it, gets me out of a rut, energizes and mesmerizes me. But if a gun was to my head - I pick books. 

3. Book or E-reader?
Laura Anderson Kurk: So many advantages to an E-reader that I LOVE. But I have to answer book.
Stephanie Morrill: More torture! I don’t know. I love my e-reader, and I’ve been able to discover some great authors that I wouldn’t have found without it. And yet, there’s something so perfect about a book. No on or off switch, they don’t make you put it down when you’re on an airplane… I can’t choose!
Jennifer Murgia: Books.
Rajdeep Paulus: E-reader. Lots of books in one lighter package.
Laura L. Smith: I used to be the girl who NEEDED to hold her book. I love the smell of books, the feel of them in my hands. But guess what? I'm now completely and totally hooked on my Kindle. I'm not saying I don't still like to turn a paper page now and then, but my Kindle is lighter and thinner, thus more portable, than any book I've read since I was six. And it doesn't just have one book on it--it has hundreds. So, it's become a no brainer. I can slip my Kindle in my purse and take it on long trips to Europe or just the doctor's office. If I finish one book, I have plenty more waiting for me. I can still underline Steinbeck's stunning passages and bookmark where I was. I can even borrow "etitles" from the library, and when they're due, they just vanish from my Kindle. Talk about magic. I didn't even have to go anywhere.

4. Movies or TV series?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Movies.
Stephanie Morrill: I think I’m gonna go with TV. I get more fangirlish about TV shows than movies.
Jennifer Murgia: Movies (although I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan)
Rajdeep Paulus: Movies. With the exception of LOST.
Laura L. Smith: Whew, finally an easy one. Movies. I never watch TV.

5. Facebook or Twitter?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Facebook.
Stephanie Morrill: Facebook!
Jennifer Murgia: Facebook.
Rajdeep Paulus: Both. But FB is more fun when it comes to stalking. :)
Laura L. Smith: Facebook, although I'm coming around to Twitter, I'm too verbose to fit into my 144 characters.

6. Coffee or Tea?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Coffee.
Stephanie Morrill: Coffee.
Jennifer Murgia: Coffee.
Rajdeep Paulus: Lattes. All day long.
Laura L. Smith: COFFEE! Dark roast with four pumps of mocha, please. Although I've been spotted sipping herbal tea in the evenings.

7. Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?
Laura Anderson Kurk: The Hunger Games.
Stephanie Morrill: Harry Potter. I adored The Hunger Games, but I wasn’t as wild about the other two in the series. I still enjoyed them, just didn’t devour them like I did the first. But with the Harry Potter series, I felt like they just kept getting better.
Jennifer Murgia: The Hunger Games.
Rajdeep Paulus: Hunger Games. Sorry, never finished reading Potter. Thinking when I do, I might have to change teams.
Laura L. Smith: Harry Potter. I loved the Hunger Games. I really did. But the last book got so dreary and war like. And, well, there's so much more of Harry to love--more pages, more books, more spells and wow, have you tasted the Butterbeer at Universal Studios Harry Potter world - delish! Plus I love rooting for Harry, the boy with the glasses and the cowlick that is as brave and true and noble (but still a bit mischieveous) of a character I've ever met. But Dumbledore is my favorite. Hands down.

8. Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Dark chocolate.
Stephanie Morrill: Dark!
Jennifer Murgia: White chocolate!
Rajdeep Paulus: Dark, baby, the darker the better.
Laura L. Smith: DARK 80% cacao

9. Cookies or Muffins?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Muffins.
Stephanie Morrill: Hmm. Muffins, I think.
Jennifer Murgia: Cookies.
Rajdeep Paulus: Cappochino muffin with chocolate chips. If you want to get specific.
Laura L. Smith: COOKIES. Homemade chocolate chip. The dough is even better than the finished product.

10. City trip or Beach holiday?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Beach holiday but if the mountains had been a choice, they would win.
Stephanie Morrill: Beach holiday, mostly because there would be more time for reading!
Jennifer Murgia: Beach.
Rajdeep Paulus: City. I hate getting rid of sand.
Laura L. Smith: Beach. I've always been mesmerized by the ocean. Plus I'm always freezing, so the warmth of sun (especially as I look out the window and see snow!) is alluring to me. I love taking early morning runs on the beach, splashing in the water, building sand castles, riding bikes on the beach, drifting on a raft, reading on a towel, watching the sun rise and set over the water - all of it!

11. Singing or Dancing?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Ha! Singing.
Stephanie Morrill: Dancing. My singing voice is just embarrassing.
Jennifer Murgia: Singing.
Rajdeep Paulus: Wish I could say I had skills in either. Dancing, I suppose. Although I like belting it out when I have an audience of one. Me.
Laura L. Smith: Dancing wins. I took ballet from the time I was three until I was twenty. I still love to dance. I love to sing too, but have such a horrible voice, no one wants to hear.

12. Mac/Apple or PC/Windows?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Mac/Apple.
Stephanie Morrill: PC.
Jennifer Murgia: PC/Windows.
Rajdeep Paulus: Mac/Apple. My fifth baby.
Laura L. Smith: Mac.

13. Dress or Skirt?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Dress.
Stephanie Morrill: love both, but recently I’ve been drawn more to dresses.
Jennifer Murgia: Neither. Jeans. Ok, fine a dress since I have to choose.
Rajdeep Paulus: Dress. Black. Yep.
Laura L. Smith: Dress - so easy, one piece and you're totally dressed.

14. MP3 player/Ipod or Mobile phone?
Laura Anderson Kurk: Phone.
Stephanie Morrill: I would be so lost without my phone…
Jennifer Murgia: Ipod.
Rajdeep Paulus: iPod. When I run. Walk. And can’t imagine a road trip without it.
Laura L. Smith: iPhone - it's my phone and my iPod and my camera and my map....

15. A year without books or a year without your favourite food?
Laura Anderson Kurk: I’d rather live a year without my favorite food. Wouldn’t last a week without books.
Stephanie Morrill: This is a hard question for a foodie to answer! I think I would rather go a year without my favourite food … though I would probably spend a lot of my year salivating at cookbooks!
Jennifer Murgia: Who can live without books??
Rajdeep Paulus: Favourite food. Chocolate and cheese. I’d probably benefit more from that.
Laura L. Smith: Food. I could skip chocolate chip cookie dough for a year, I think, yeah, I'm pretty sure, although it would be hard. But I couldn't go a day without books.


  1. Hahahah I loved this! Awesome answers and I love how some of them answered everything (almost) the same :P

  2. This was so fun to answer and even more fun to read. I never knew Jen liked white chocolate or that Stephanie was a foodie. Thanks for this wonderful post!

    1. I am! I love that we're all coffee people :)

  3. This is soooo FUN!!! LUV these amazingly awesome authors;)

  4. Haha, this was such a fun post! =)