Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fashion: Emma Watson @ Jimmy Fallon

I think this is my first fashion inspired post, hopefully more to come. Fashion doesn't play the biggest role in my life as I like to wear what I like and not necessarily what is the latest trend, though I love to flip through fashion magazine and to have a peek into the designers certain celebs wear.

On the photo you see Emma Watson at the Late Night Show of Jimmy Fallon. She was wearing a dress by designer J. Mendel. I absolutely love the model of the dress and the flower print. It is a quite simple dress, though it still stands out because of the colours used.
It probably isn't a dress that I would wear very quickly myself, mostly because of the figure of the dress, though if I could wear it I most certainly would buy it (if it wouldn't be a designer dress and therefore not ridiciously expensive). What do you guys think of the look? Would you like to wear it yourself, yes no?

p.s. Finally found out how to mega tag the posts, so it is easier to browse through the posts if you are intrested in a certain subject


  1. it's quite an gorgeus dress on her, but it isnt really my taste when it comes to it. the print however is fun and cute.

  2. I absolutely love this. Especially the short sleeves. Definitely something I would wear!