Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Music confession: That song I secretly love

I listen a lot of music that a lot of people hardly know I guess, but now and then there is this song stopping by in my playlist and I'm really thinking, if anyone hears me singing along with this song....

One of those songs is What makes you beautiful by One Direction. I'm not a fan of the band at all, I hardly like any of the songs, to be fairly honest I'm not a boyband type anyway, never have really been actually. The thing with this song is that I knew it before I actually heard of the One Direction hype. I loved the song before I knew the band, so does that make up for something? I have heard a while back a slowed down version of the song, which makes it even nicer actually.

Besides the fact that I really like this song, and the lyrics (I mean I can't be the only one to feel like happy dancing through my room on this song right?) there is a moment linked to it in my memory that makes it even more special. I guess some of you know that I went to a convention of 'The Vampire Diaries' earlier this year and this was one of the songs that was played during the evening ball. When this song was played, one of the actors from the show lip syncined it to one of his female co-players (Nathaniel Buzolic to Malese Jow for those wondering) and that was just absolutely so cute that that is carved into my brain forever when I hear this song.

Any of you that have a music confession of a song they actually really like, but kind of wish they didn't?


  1. Aaahhh this song <3 I didn't know it was from 1D either, so it's kind of my guilty pleasure too, for the exact same reason as yours :P

  2. I really adore this one direction song but yes i must confess i am an sucker for any kind of boyband since i was an child. but yes love the song. :D

  3. That song + Call Me Maybe are my guilty music pleasures!

  4. In my case, this song is a guilty pleasure too! It's actually the only song I know by them (I couldn't bother with the rest if I'm honest).
    I too have some songs in my iPod I would die if anyone heard them (some french or spanish which are sooo cheesy :p) but hey, to each it's guilty pleasure !