Tuesday, 23 April 2013

London: Alternative Tours

Finally a new blog post about London. My last one was on coffee places in town, which can be found here. This time it's about Alternative Tours and like the name itself says, it's a bit different from those standard bus tours. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to try them out myself as I only found out about it a week before I had to leave. However, the next time I'm in London I definately want to go on one of these tours, cause they sound fantastic and I've heard loads of good about it.

The Alternative London Walking Tour 
This is our original tour which was established to showcase East London's incredible creativity whilst giving insights into important historical and cultural events that have made the area what it is today. Even though this is much more than just a London street art tour, you are guaranteed to see a huge range of artwork from around forty artists per tour. Street art by nature constantly changes, which in turn means that our tours also change and evolve on a very regular basis. This guarantees that a tour with us will always feel fresh.
They do have two other walking tours as well, namely a market tour and a pub tour and they also have several biking tours, but the Alternative Walking tour is the one that really seems interesting to me. I would love to see some of the street art and actually be told a little about it as I would have no clue myself half of the time what I would be exactly looking at. You can find more information on their website and for a small impression, have a look at the video below. Let me know if these kind of tours would be something that would interest you.


  1. Oh wow this looks awesome! Of course I enjoyed my school trip to London, but I wish everything hadn't been scheduled for me and I could have chosen to do things like this! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Oh hell yes, I'm going to do this! Thanks Arlette!

    1. You're welcome, can't wait to hear how it was!

  3. I'm going to London again in July for 2 days (we arrive early Saturday, are going to Hyde Park that evening and than will fly back late on Sunday) so I hope we have time for this because this also sounds as something my sister loves as well :)

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    I once did a halloween walk and it was amazing!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. I live in East London and have actually seen these guys walking around. (mainly on Brick Lane) There are always quite big groups. Another thing.. Brick Lane is an absolute recommendation. One of my favourite places in London.

  6. These London posts are making me crazy! I want to go back, NOW! No but seriously, love these posts :D