Wednesday, 3 April 2013

London: THE place to get coffee

Photos featured all made by me
My third post on my London series is here. I previous did one on Borough market, this time one on all the coffee places in London. I can't blame you that Starbucks might be the first place that comes to mind (especially with the above picture), but there are many more amazing coffee places to be found in London with sometimes even better coffee (or cheaper).

Besides Starbucks there are a couple of more chains that have more or less the same set up and concept like Costa Coffee and Caffè Nero. When I was in London for my internship I actually had both AND a Starbucks right around the corner, how lucky was I? I preferred mostly Caffè Nero and Costa Coffee over Starbucks as the prices are a little cheaper and the coffee was even nicer now and then. The only thing you would be missing would be the awesome cups with your name on it ;) But that was worth it for me. Though I have to be honest, the mocha lattes from Starbucks are delicious!
But when you really want a special cup of coffee once, pass the large chain stores and go on the look for a Monmouth Coffee shop. There are three all together in London and they have been awarded with best coffee already a couple of times. I have to warn you though, it can be a little busy sometimes...


  1. I walked past a Monmouth shop last week as we wanted to get some coffee. But there was such a queue I decided to walk on and not get something.. I really do like the Costa tho. Paul's is a good one as well. (for a bite and a drink tho) And Pret is alright.

    1. Seems there are always queues at Monmouth then ;) Paul's is nice too yes!Not a big fan of Pret, they have some nice sandwiches though

  2. I love the Starbuck moccha latte <3

  3. Always starbucks.., dont know why but it just always happens to be starbucks even back in london <3

  4. I don't drink coffee so I can't give my opinion here but I did pass a lot of Cafe Nero's when I was there. I can't believe the line in that last picture!

  5. I love coffee, so discovering some good spots for the needed coffee break when visiting a city is always a plus!

  6. I've always loved Costa, too!

    Have a great day,

  7. I don't really like coffee, but seeing that picture in this blog makes me want to get a coffee straight away haha!