Sunday, 5 August 2012

Delena, Stelena... Klaroline?

Alrigh, so as promised I'll try to keep this blog as up to date as possible and try to keep it interesting at the same time, so even though I have still some books lined up to be reviewed, I will not only keep doing that, because you guys must get bored at one point of that I guess.

In my first post I asked if you guys wanted to read some drabbles of mine and I got possitive comments on that, so let's do it (you can always so NO still if you do not like it at all, haha). I will do some 'Vampire Diaries' drabbles to start of with as I got requests for those. Klaroline (Klaus & Caroline) and Delena (Damon & Elena) seemed to be favourite for drabbles, so I'll do those combined with a little Stelena (sorry, I'm more of a Stefan person). I won't make it real stories, but some follow up sequences. Let me know if you like them (or not) and if you want to read more ;)

Just to be sure, I do not own any of the characters mentioned below in the drabbles, neither the parts that are based on the real TV Serie.

Stelena/Delena (Team Salvatore?)
I let the story drabbles happen somewhere during S3 of the actual serie, but the events may be different or in a different order.
'Stefan?' Elena whispered quietly when she saw Stefan. She knew she wouldn't have much time until Damon would come out of the bar again, or until Klaus would interrupt them and that for sure couldn't happen, because then he would know she was still alive.
Stefan turned when hearing the so known sound of Elena's voice. Everything inside him felt twisted when he looked at the girl he loved so intensely. He could feel himself lighten up for a moment, but that all dissapeared again with the same pace it had came.
'You shouldn't be here Elena.' His voice was hard and stern. He believed every single word he said, though he didn't want it to be true. Klaus couldn't find out she was here or she would die and he had promised her over and over to do everything to keep her safe. Though all these words didn't seem to come out.
Elena rushed over to Stefan. She didn't care what he was saying, she wanted him to come back home. She walked over to him, leaning in and kissing him.
Stefan had the feeling everything bursted inside him, but mind took over heart and pushed Elena of him. 'You shouldn't be here.' He said harsh, keeping her off. He could almost feel all the pain that he caused her, but it was for the better. 'Now go back home with Damon and stay there.' He turned around and walked off, hearing Elena starting to sob behind him.

'Elena?' Damon walked into the living room from the Salvatore mansion. It was about three o'clock at night and he had been sure Elena had gone off to bed, but now he heard her downstairs. Elena looked up to him, her eyes all puffy.
'He isn't coming back, is he?' Elena asked Damon, referring to Stefan. She hadn't able to sleep since the moment Stefan had walked out on her, neither had she stopped crying, even though tears had stopped flowing a while ago. 'He has to come back.' She added in a whisper.
Damon walked over to Elena. He wanted to take her in his arms and comfort her, but getting comfort from the brother of the one she was crying over wasn't really going to help the case, he knew that much.
'I'm going to do everything in my power to get my little brother back, Elena.' He reassured her. I would do it all of it, for him, but most surely for you as well Elena.
Elena smiled a little, faint smile, but it was the most she had done as much as smiling in the past time. 'Thank you.' She whispered to Damon.

Klaroline (Goo... Originals!)'I really do not know what to wear.' Rebekah exclaimed as she showed of the million dress in front of Klaus. 'They really do not have proper clothes that suit a party thrown with a theme of the 1920's, where has the style of all these women gone off to.' Klaus rolled his eyes, only half paying attention to his sister, while he sipped champagne, waiting for her to be ready.
'Just pick something, sister love.' He said, without looking up. 'I'm sure you will look dashing as always.' Rebekah grunted a little and walked over to her brother.
'Don't be like that, Nik. I'm pretty sure if this was about a dress for that Caroline girl you seem to chase, you would be all ears and eyes.' Rebekah didn't like Caroline at all and the new interest from her brother for her, was even less to her likes. That girl was ruining her family.
'Don't be such a mood killer, sister.' Klaus said, badly wanting to change the subject. 'Today was going to be a day for siblings, as you wanted so badly.' He said and saw Rebekah smile a little, knowing he had succeeded as much as was necessary. When Rebekah returned back to fitting more dresses, Klaus got up and went to the counter where he made sure the dress was send out today, that was meant for Caroline, together with the hand written note, that asked her to save some time for him tonight.

Did you guys liked it, hated it? Should I never do this ever again? Any requests from 'The Vampire Diaries' or other series/movies/books? Let me know in the comments!


  1. the klaroline one is cute :D ;)

  2. Really like both of them! :D I vote for keep them coming :P