Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vampire Diaries Drabbles

As some of you let me know that you liked the previous drabbles of The Vampire Diaries, here's the first follow up. The first one is a little Salvatore Bromance as requested by Darlene. The second one is Klaroline, I'll do some Stelena/Delena next time again ;)

Team Salvatore
'So you really think this is going to work out?' Damon asked his younger brother Stefan, who raised his eyebrows in confusion.
'What do you mean?' He asked.
'Well this whole, you are a bad vampire ripper now. It's not very convincing.'
'You always told me you didn't like me eating bunnies and now you are scoffing me as not being good a the bad guy, jeez Damon thanks.' Stefan said to his brother and turned back to his drink. Damon let out a chuckle on his brother's reaction.
'You just have to act a little bit more like me Stefan.' Stefan straightened up and looked at Damon.
'Alright let me try this. So, Stefan, you shouldn't always be eating bunnies, it is really not healthy for you.' Stefan mimicked his brother. Damon laughed.
'You really have to work on that, Stefan. You are by far not as good yet.' He smirked.
'Prove that you are better in mimicking me then.' Stefan challenged Damon.
'You shouldn't always be killing people, Damon. Squirrels are a much better solution.' Stefan laughed.
'That was really bad, Damon.' Damon smirked and held up his glass, klincking it againt Stefan's when he held it up.
'To very bad impressions.' Damon said.
'I drink to that.' Stefan agreed.

Klaus looked around. He was sure Caroline would be somewhere at the 1920's party, for sure she wouldn't miss a party. His eye caught a lot of people he rather wasn't around, The Salvatores, Tyler Lockwood. He kept scanning the crowd till he saw her blond hair waving through the crowd. He could make out the bright red flapper dress he had bought for her and was surprised to see her wearing it at all, but maybe this was only to give him hope he shouldn't be having in the first place.
'Caroline.' Klaus said as he approached her. She turned around to face Klaus, though she didn't seem to happy to see him. 'You look wonderful in the dress.'
'I didn't have anything else to wear.' Caroline told him. 'So don't get your hopes up.'
'Caroline, there you are.' Tyler interrupted them and looked at Klaus with a bit of a suspicious look. He didn't like him always trying to hit on his girl, but with his sire bond to him, he didn't have too much choice.
'Tyler, you obviously wouldn't mind if I take Caroline for a dance?' Klaus could almost feel the tension build up between them, but he seemed to care less and was satisfied when he saw Tyler shake his head.
Caroline looked from Tyler to Klaus. 'Right.' She muttered and walked of with Klaus to the dance floor.
'I don't know why you keep trying this, Klaus. I'm obviously not in to you.' Caroline said a he spun her around. Klaus smiled at her in return.
'What isn't can alway come, Caroline. Besides, you just need to start realizing that this all won't be enough for you.' Caroline snorted. 'I have plenty of time, love, I can wait.' He spun her around again and held her for a second afterward, their eyes locking for a split second, before Caroline stepped back and walked away without saying another word, leaving Klaus behind.


  1. Loved the drabbles again! Yay for Klaroline <3 But also yay for Team Salvatore :P Those bro's are just awesome <3

  2. both were pretty good :D loved it

  3. Ah Salvatore Bros <3 Gosh love them! Also love the Klaroline one, 4