Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Original Music vs Covers

The quote of the day of yesterday must have helped, cause I passed my oral defense this morning! Now on to the actual blog post of today.

I've (had) it fairly often that I was listening to a song, and out of the blue it turned out to be a cover instead of an original piece of music. To me there is nothing wrong with it. If the cover is, I can still immensly enjoy it even though it's not original from that artist. My dad makes fun of me now and then because of it, as I can't stand all music from what he liked back then, but whenever I listen to a cover of an older piece of music and I suddenly love it, he likes to mock me about it. Below three songs of which I like the cover better than its original.

Birdy - Skinny Love (Original by Bon Iver)

Lisa - Hallelujah (Original by Leonard Cohen)

Anberlin - Enjoy the Silence (Original by Depeche Mode)

What is your guys' opinion? Can covers be better (or just as good) as the original or do you rather stay with the original songs?


  1. I don't agree on all of these. I don't like Lisa's version of Hallelujah but LOVE Jeff Buckley's version, seriously it makes me cry all the time, it's so beautiful. Depeche Mode is hard.. As I love both versions. I do agree on the Birdy one tho.

  2. I've heard better versions of Hallelujah. But these days so many songs are covers. I don't really care about it. I actually think it's interesting to see what different artists do with the same song.

  3. I listen to everything covers or non covers. Whatever sounds nice to my ears :)

  4. Ha, I had no idea Birdy's song was a cover!

    I'm relatively fine, my face looks horrible though and I can't eat. I'm glad when all this is over!!