Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Those things you get to know because of celebrities: Part #1

Some of you might know by know - or have always known - that I can be quite of a fangirl regarding TV-series/movies or just celebrities in general. Besides just looking at what acting projects they have going on, for some celebrities I love to follow what other projects they keep themselves busy with, like charities they help out/set up, promotional work they do for brands or setting up their own perfume/jewelry lines for example. I've decided to do some blogs now and then to some projects that I personally really like or feel inspired by and that I think are worth sharing with all of you!

Show me your mumu
It could be worn by all—big and small, short and tall—and could be a dress, a top, a tunic, or…anything I suppose. It could come in jersey, polyester—or silk chiffon. It could come in floral, paisley—or black spider print. Holiday theme mumu, lace mumu, sequin mumu, fringe on your mumu…the possibilities seemed truly endless. Thus, they set out in search of the perfect fit—the ideal body—which only, ultimately, they could find by creating it themselves. The spelling mistake was intentional—they were, after all, reinventing the mu’u mu’u and therefore dubbed it “The Mumu” instead.

Show Me Your Mumu  is a brand for both clothing and jewelry. The video, that can be seen below, is what initially made me aware of the brand. Candice Accola, who is also featured in the photoshoots for the brand, tweeted the video and after watching it, it felt like such a nice and fun brand that I decided to have a look at the website.

I have to admit the clothing style isn't really something I would wear myself, but I love how different it is from many other brands. It really has a style on its own. The same goes for the jewelry pieces they have. I adore their Gem Rings, but they have many other great pieces as well.

Did any of you know the brand? What do you think about their collections, anything you would like to buy?


  1. I do love this brand, cause they have loads of clothing thats euhm wide in fit. wich works better for me. The jewelry is fun to and ofcourse I saw the video as an candice accola fangirl hahaha.

  2. I hadn't heard of it before. Quite a unique style. The jewelry looks great!

  3. I love their stuff, especially their jewellery lokos amazing. But it's quite pricy isn't it! I do think it's great tho. (I'm a bit confused by the music at the video, it doesn't really fit haha)

    1. I have absolutely noo idea why they used Christmas music for the video, I agree it doesn't fit, haha.

      It is quite pricy though, yes!