Friday, 15 February 2013

Cities I've visited: Paris

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"City of light" "City of Love" "Paris"

Paris. A city I've visted twice by now, most recently in 2007, from which all pictures featured here are. Funny fact, these are actually the first digital pictures I have that I shot myself.
Paris isn't my all time favourite city, but I still like it and would love to visit it again any time. Of course the Eiffel Tower has been great to visit, but the part of the town I like most is "Montmartre". The hill where the Sacré Coeur is situated and where a lot of street painters are to be found. A few of my highlights of the city to be found below.
View from 'La Tour Montparnasse'
The Eiffel Tower by night
Le Louvre
The Notre Dame, seen from the river the Seine
Sacré Coeur


  1. I've never been to Paris but always wanted to go, looks so awesome!

  2. Paris is totally awesome! So long ago though!

  3. Paris <3 My favorite part is Montmartre as well. The last time I was there was in 2008..just a few days after I've gotten my own DSLR :)

  4. I've only been in Paris once, but it was a school trip so I couldn't really enjoy it to the max. I should really go to Paris again to have a decent look around!

  5. never been there, only drove past it on our way to an school trip to disney. hope to go there one day :)

  6. I've been to Paris once during a school trip. So you know, you don't enjoy it quite as much as you would if you went just for your own pleasure. But I do remember loving Montmartre and Le Louvre a lot! (I love museums) Those are really nice pictures for a first try ;)

  7. Cool pictures! I hope I get to go to Paris someday =)