Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nailpolish collection: OPI

Photo credit: Annelie

Only since a little more than a  year ago I started to actively use nailpolish. I had some nailpolish before, but hardly ever used it or just used transparent nailpolish. I never really used any colours. But with buying my first OPI nail polish that absolutely changed. Let me show you the colours I've collected by now of this gorgeous brand.

From left to right: At First Sight // I don't give a Rotterdam // Top Coat

These are the first three nailpolishes that I've got from the brand OPI. The top coat, obviously, is just a regular see-through nailpolish, but it seems to work great for me as it is tougher/harder than most other top coats which prevents for me chipping of the nailpolish. The "I don't give a Rotterdam" nailpolish is from the OPI Holland line, and is a blue-greyish colour. The "At First Sight" nailpolish is beige coloured, which I normally wear by just polishing my nails once so it is still slightly see-through.

From left to right: Kiss me on my Tulips // Big Apple Red
These are the two brightest colours I probably own regarding nailpolish. Both are as bright coloured as you might think they are, which I absolutely love for the summer days. Though, I wear the Big Apple Red nailpolish quite often to parties or antyhing as well.

With all my OPI nailpolish, I usually  do a double layer to guarantee the bright colour (with exception of the "At first Sight" nailpolish). If any of you wants to see examples of any of the nailpolish mentioned above, let me know! Do you guys have OPI nailpolish or do you prefer a different brand?


  1. I love OPI nailpolish. :) The only bad thing? The price. Love the colours you have!

  2. They look so dark, couldnt you have made them an bit lighter? Lol. But i do love the rotterdam one, but you already know that :D

  3. I also didn't used to wear much nailpolish.. But then I started using my sister's nailpolish and then she bought me a few colors for my birthday and I try to wear nailpolish more often now.
    But sometimes I'd rather not, because I think it doesn't last long enough when you're constantly doing stuff.

  4. Mooie kleurtjes..
    New blogpost: Hotspot, Hannekes Boom..X

  5. I haven't tried any of these polishes yet, OPI is quite pricey over here in Germany!

    Have a fantastic day,