Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Movie Review: Angels Crest

Angels Crest is a community at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, where local news is rarely interesting and nearly everyone knows one another. Ethan is a young man in his early twenties who was once involved with Cindy; it's common knowledge that Cindy has a serious drinking problem, and the responsibility of looking after their three-year-old son usually falls to Ethan. While out on a fishing trip on a snowy day, Ethan leaves the boy alone in his car for a few minutes; when Ethan returns, his son has somehow gotten away.

I was "warned" beforehand that the movie was one of sadness, which it is. The story in the movie is really strong and heart gripping, not one of those "You know it will it end alright in the end" movies. The movie starts with a fairly normal and nice feeling setting, till the turn of events where Ethan's and Cindy's son goes missing from his truck.

First of all, the acting is really good. I hadn't seen much of Thomas Dekker before (who plays Ethan), but I was really impressed by his acting. I had seen him portray a role in the serie The Secret Circle, but I can't say I was impressed there, but this time he really did it. Allt he emotions that come along with him from the moment he finds out that his son is gone, are really real and feel so chilling.
Actors that impressed me really a lot as well were Lynn Collins (portraying Cindy) and Joseph Morgan (portraying Ethan's best friend Rusty). Both set their characters great, emotional rushing throughout the story.

The only thing that I wasn't too fond of in the story, where the sub stories. Its always good to have them in a movie, but here they seem to linger. There is a Lesbian couple in the movie and there are some complications featured in the movie, but as it is not that much of importance it is kind of left out how it rolls on further. In that way I would have better seen it left out or further developed.

All with all, a chilling story, great actors and an ending that leaves you heartbroken.

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  1. Nice review! Again, I'm not sure this movie is really my thing (I feel like I say this to you a lot).