Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Recap - Your opinion needed

January has been the best month for me so far concerning blogging! 22 posts in total, which is the most I've had so far in a month on this blog. Several different topics have come by and I wanted to take the time to ask you guys which kind of posts you like/prefer, or maybe not interested for you (personally). In first instance I blog cause I absolutely love to do it, but it's always nice to know that those who read it actually like it ;)

The topics that have come by:
-Book blogs (Reviews/Wishlist/Cover Reveal)
-Writing blogs (My writing & Guest Author post)
-Fashion (My style/Wishlist)
-Those things you get to know because of celebrities (Example)
-Movies/TV series (Inspired jewelry/Recommendations/Reviews/Trailers)
-Travelling (Cities/Countries I've visited)
-Music (Favourite music pieces)
-Quote of the Day

I would love to hear of the above what your favourites are or what is just not your cup of tea, maybe. For a few I've already decided I want to do more of them anyway and I want to keep a bit of variety in the blog as well, but I would love to hear what you guys like.

Furter, I would like to pitch a new idea for the blog, but I'm doubting if their would be interest for it. I'm a quite vivid writer, or at least I like to write. I'm currently actually writing a book, or book-to-be, or whatever someone might want to call it. The idea was to do a weekly or once every two weeks a post about writing. Either tips on writing, or maybe a small blurb from what I'm currently writing or just what I wrote for something else. I know I've done some of this already and it seemed as it was received with some enthusiasm. Let me know if you guys might be interested yes or no.


  1. I would be interested in it :D furter more I like your blog :) always love to read it.

  2. Great post girl, your blog is amazing!
    Love, Anna

  3. I like reading quotes a lot - so inspiring!
    Thanks so much for commenting!

    Have a relaxed Sunday,

  4. I think bloggers should blog about whatever they want to blog about. It's needs to stay fun ;)
    To give you more of a usefull anwser: I like quote blogs less. I think a 'quote of the day' belongs more on tumblr than an actual blog. I like book, movie and tv show blogs. Fashion, travelling and music are great too.

    About the writing blogs. I think that if you want to do it, you totally should! You might get some new and different readers because of it. I don't really write stories anymore, but I might be interested from time to time.