Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top Gear: It is not just about cars

I honestly get weird looks most of the time when I admit to love Top Gear. You know, the combination of a girl loving a show that is about cars, just doesn't seem right...And honestly admitted, I'm definately not the biggest car fan out there. Half of the time I have no clue on all those technical aspects of the cars, but yes, I still utterly love to watch this show.

Surely it is about cars and you'll need to like cars a little to make it to the end of the show, but besides cars it is also great comedy. The humour of the three hosts -Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May- is just amazingly good. They always do, what they call, challenges and those are the most hilarious out there. Think for example of making a car into a limosine, building their own caravan or playing car darts. They also do large challenges which are somewhere around the world (for example USA, Bolivia, Middle East, Vietnam and the Polar).

One of my favourite challenges has to be the one in Botswana (can be viewed here and here) (Richard & Oliver, anyone?), though the Boliva special was real fun as well to watch. But then again so was the USA, Polar...right I could just name them all. Any of you that watch Top Gear just like me?


  1. I have to agree with you! Personally I don't have much with cars, but I love to watch Top Gear every now and then! This show always makes me laugh so hard, love it!

  2. love top gear, have nothing with the techincal stuff of cars but i do love looking at beauty of some of those cars. the specials are always hilarious as well are the challenges.

  3. I love Top Gear! I'm a big fan of their use of camera and editing. The program is a beauty to look at editing wise! And I know, they're one of the best payed BBC shows. But it makes it so good to watch. I don't have that much with cars but think it's hilarious, so definitely agree!

  4. I honestly haven't seen a full episode of Top Gear in my life.. It's not really my thing.

  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it made my day!
    My boyfriend absolutely loves that show, but I don't really get it! :-)

    Have a great day,