Sunday, 24 February 2013

Those things you get to know because of celebrities: Part #3

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Photo Credit: Annelie
 Rouge In Love
Come out and play with Lancôme’s gorgeously hydrating lipstick, Rouge in Love.
Combine vibrant colour with a feather-light texture that lasts up to 6 hours. Choose from 24 colours to achieve a look you love – from natural to sophisticated. Let your lipcolour show your mood.

Obviously it wasn't the brand Lancôme that I got to know via a celebrity, but I actually did try out this particular lipstick of the 'Rouge In Love' line because of Emma Watson, face of the line. 
When I was in London last year for my internship I went out to search for a nice new lipstick. I came by the Rouge In Love collection and decided to have a look as I knew them from Emma's campaign. When one of the sales ladies asked if I wanted to try them out, I decided to go for it (easily affected by marketing? Well maybe). 
I've tried a few different colours, but settled in the end for 159B. It's a few shades lighter than actual bright red, as I thought that was too daring. The lipstick still has quite some colour though and I actually, therefore, don't wear it daily or anything. But I do love to wear it to parties or other occasions.


  1. I do love the lipstick as well. I have an more pinkish colour that is way more up my alley, but i always considering once this one is empty to buy one of the same brand, just cause its such an nice liptick.

  2. Bedankt voor je reactie..
    Wow wat een mooie intense kleur!

    new blogpost: de antwoorden van ask me anything..x

  3. Love the color. Would love to see how it looks on you. It does look very gorgeous.

    1. I'll try and make some pictures of it any time soon and post them :)