Thursday, 25 July 2013

Color Run @ Zwolle

You would say that summer holidays allow me to blog more, but I've found myself less behind my laptop than when I don't have holidays, for the very simple reason that I already spend so much time behind it for my studies. Anyway, I'm back with a little update on the Color Run in which I participated in the city of Zwolle on the 7th of July. For those who don't know the Color Run is a colourful running event for a good cause.

I have to say we had a very good time, even though it was about 30 degrees celcius, so it was a bit too warm to run the full 5k. Secretly, the most fun part was travelling back by train for nearly 4 hours, all covered in the bright coloured dust. The looks we got from bypassers....hihi. Below one of the promotion videos so you get an idea of what the day looked like!


  1. Really great that you participated! I've seen videos of the Color Run in America before :) It looks really cool!

  2. Ik heb hier zoveel van gezien, het in in de UK ook geweest een paar weken terug. En het ziet er zo tof uit!

  3. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! We have something very similar in America called Color Me Rad, which my friend ran this year. It's definitely on my bucket list =)