Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fashion: Shoe wishlist

When I recently wrote my Liebster Award post I realised how few shoes I actually have. And since I've been looking around for a while for a new pair of pumps, I tought to do a post on it. Right now - concerning pumps - I actually only have one pair of black heels, that's it. I would really like a nice pair of coloured heels, something that stands out a little from my other pair of shoes. The tricky thing for me is though that I have fairly weak ankles, so I don't really dare to wear very high heels as I'll for sure sprain my ankles then.

From the above, I think I like the ones left corner bottom and right corner bottom (same model) the most. The heel might still be a bit high, but I'll have to try it might work out. Hope I can find a nice pair of (affordable) heels anytime soon in town. Any of the aboe you guys like?


  1. Its not really my kind of shoe, especially since I cant wear heels without straps around my feet to keep them on. Cause I might sprain mine to.
    But if I have to pick one, it will be the red one, cause it doesnt really have an pointy toe :)

  2. Ooo i LOVE that first one! I really like the color and the retro feel to it. Urban Outfitters has pairs like that, and they're usually on sale for like $20! I actually don't have too many shoes either- but that's because if i have a bunch in my closet i feel too overwhelmed!

    xo Marlen
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  3. I prefer my shoes to be quite neutral, but I can understand why you'd want something more special.

  4. Maybe a heel with a strap around your ankle is something? This give you a little bit more strenght (stevigheid?) and you have some really nice ones with straps! Or a pair of wedges, still the height etc. but way more easy to walk in! I love the blue color(bottom left) btw.